What Were You Thinking (P1)

First I heard a few shots ring out… Bang! Bang!! The guys we were chasing were shooting again. I had practically dodged the first sets of bullets that came my way, me and my partner, Neo, his name isn’t really Neo sha I call him that cos hes so white, sometimes I even fear he’s slightly anaemic. Well, we had got that dispatch call from the local command centre about 15 minutes ago and we set out on our way, they described the scene we were in on, and behold it wasn’t too long after we got the picture, we were chasing bank robbers.
At first it was a car chase but then they ran into the projects, the hood, they ditched the cars and started on foot. The place was twisted, lots of “between house” foot passages and people just hanging a hot day, twisted labrynthine footways we couldn’t chase them in our service car, not through the situation that we were in so we had to get on foot too.
The chase was getting hot when they opened fire at us, there were three of them and just two of us. I thanked God that they didn’t stop at that moment to consider their odds. Well, we were waiting for back up and even over the sound of the blood in my body running haywire and my seemingly amplified heartbeat i could hear the sirens from way off. Back up was near.

Just after we had passed high population areas, we were near some warehouse now, the bullets came flying again, rushing at us. Whoever was firing was using an AR-15 I know the sound that bad-boy makes even in my dreams. A full clip of about 30 bullets was discharged randomly in our direction. Neo sensing his odds of danger stopped and ducked behind a low brick fence which wasn’t really much of a cover but, it worked for him anyway. I was too close to catching them to slow down now. I kept up the chase. Neo called out to me, and told me to be reasonable. I defied him. That was Neo always playing safe, I sometimes wondered how he managed to get herpes when he was 17 and a kid at 19. Still running, I changed my course slightly to miss as much of the bullets as I could and as i was running, quite diagonally I cud hear whizzing noises past my left ear. One inch in the wrong direction and I was gone. One second delay and I was dead but I kept up. My weapon was at the ready and as soon as i had an almost clear shot, my aim was and had always been top notch. I let fly and Guy 1 crashed on his face. Two of them were left now, though he was lagging, Neo continued with me after the first AR-15 clips were done. The rest two guys had weapons too. One an AK-47 and the other was with a desert eagle, I had a desert eagle too, I love that piece, if I killed that criminal, I was gon take his as a trophy, something to show that I had taken down another bad guy, won our little race, if you will. The desert eagle just let fly at random. I counted the shots, desert eagles usually carry twelve per clip and when i got to 14 my heart skipped a beat, who on earth carries a desert eagle with an extended clip? From the looks of it he was going at least 24, 36 to 48 if I was very unlucky.
As i was running after them i felt the world slow down, it felt so unreal, and yet beautiful. I let out two more shot and heard a groan up front, and still facing forward I saw little golden object coming at me the speed of a well thrown stone, the first to my head, I dodged easily, then more, I saw them all and calculated my movement, I couldn’t change courses now, a leap through was my only option. I was going to beat all the bullets. All of them. All 15 of them.

I jumped.

I twisted in mid air.

I landed

And my eyes closed.

I heard my name, it was low, distant and faint. “Am i dead?? Is this heaven?” I heard myself say.
Then I opened my eyes, slowly.
I was on the floor, sweaty.
And standing over me was Abass.

Abass was the gym guy, the gym instructor. The look on his face couldn’t say how disgusted he was enough. “I don tell you. See as you fat reach you still dey carry ur head go de run tread-mill, no b say you even put am for slow, na fast fast one you go de do. Wo bros, I don tire for your….” he kept on talking, he was probably angry, hell if I cared.
All I could think was “Damn. I’ve only been in the gym 30 minutes and I was day dreaming again. Lord. Did I actually say ‘am i dead? Is this heaven?’ Fuck. I’m screwed…”

LEUL! What were you thinking…

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I like to blog. I like to think I can write. Matter of fact I’m a pretty awesome writer, believe me. Then a couple of years back, I really can’t recall, I opened this blog/site/kini/whatever with anticipation that I was really going to kill it. At least to my satisfaction. But a couple years have gone by, 6 posts and one comment later, I’m here, confessing.
I titled the blog “random thoughts” it seemed like a good idea at that time, still does actually, I really can’t place a finger on exactly one thing that goes down in my head, there’s always lots of stuff, things I think about, things I want to talk about, you know? Random stuff. But having this place all to myself I kinda realised one thing. People, I am a very lazy person (I know right…) I was going to blame it on a writer’s block but come on, you can be a good liar to everyone, but the moment you become one to yourself, your life is practically in very bad spot. So well, the effort in compiling facts, seeking examples and publicity, putting down ideas in a way that people will understand, would understand, should understand… Might understand. Eh… ( ._.) you get the point, is just one that frankly takes more stress than necessary, or as necessary as I’d like to allocate anyway. From the looks of it online (twitter at least), this is just one thing people don’t really seem to get, they be all pumping out stupid stories, plagiarising people’s hard work and posting out messed up, hate induced or overly dick riding music reviews and all that moral instruction crap nobody (I, don’t. Minus the ‘s’ in the care) cares about and all the grandiose words and v( ‘-‘)v ill placed expressions, don’t get me wrong tho, some people really do justice to this blogging thing. Real awesome stuff and all but well I like to think its like music, there’s what we like and what we don’t, there’s the really good stuff of what we like and the not so good and then the ones we hate but can condescendingly take time to appreciate, hence my reason for admitting my laziness on this my cyber piece of land.

Well, off the top of my head, this is my blog. This is a confession, this is a re-introduction, I’m Dumebi and everytime I blog I’m not going to put the link up in a tweet, or put handles on it and beg for reads and RT’s (just like my role model, my father in Lord on twitter, @CassBaba) if you get here, hey! Welcome. If you don’t, well just keep your ears open, I mean just in case someone steals a story and does the stuff I don’t do for reviews and the glitz and all that nonsense crap that no one really gives five minutes of a fuck about.

LOL! I was just going to say I was lazy on a page (´̯ ̮`̯ ) see where it has reached. Anyhow sha… Till next time.

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Independence Day…


“Nigeria; good people, great nation”

Its somehow, you ever thought up that definition to the word “frustrated” like “knowing what to do but not being able to/knowing how to do it?” or something like that.

Alright, let’s see. Starting from the Hajj and all the bullshit that came out with the deportation and all that? I’m not a muslim, first up and second and more importantly I’m not too much of a freak for religion cos really anyone asks me, I believe God is everywhere alright, but he left Nigeria a long time ago and that was by choice.

According to figures I saw, somewhere between 510 to roughly 600 women were deported from Saudi Arabia 😦 sad. Isn’t it. They said something about they didn’t have guarantors or some shit like that sha and so they couldn’t be allowed access into the Holy Land to do their thingy and that well its the law and has been in place since the 80’s they just decided to enforce it strictly from this year on (I believe this land is holy too cos well they’re the only 100% muslim country in the world and ironically unlike other wannabes they DO NOT have that crescent and star in their flag). The normal thing, well as with recent years and recent pilgrimages, the Nigerian govt was the one who takes responsibility for these intending pilgrims and they were usually allowed in. This case is well tragic cos, the Saudi govt take ours to be irresponsible or something like that or at the very least, think neither citizen nor govt not trustworthy. They deported them. Our dear 9JA GOVT HAS DONE AND WILL PROLLY DO ABSOLUTELY NO-FUCKING-THING to save their pathetic green faces or at the very least save the dignity and whatever’s left of the respect of their citizens. This is the case with almost every country having to take-in people coming from Nigeria prolly except Iceland and Malaysia (for obvious reasons). Its not their fault tho. Well Nigeria is a tough place, things are tough so you know (s/o to all them yy boys and professional scammers and stuff) well, a man has to do what a man has to do. If not for anything to survive at the least. Well for a country known globally as home of internet scammers, frauds, and all sorts of “tricky” (NB: tricky isn’t used when detailing human character/-istics. Its used for animals more often) trades. Its not really surprising that well when the Mecca prayers are going on, people would hide in rooms and at the height of activity leave the rooms and wherever they are to enter people’s rooms, steal jewelry and almost anything valuable they can lay hands on. Its all do what thou will. Then what? Come back to 9ja, turn alhaji/-ja, and strut while people pay respect to you, while you’re still alive. Bitches real people earn respect. If you were the Saudi govt having known of the people responsible for such atrocities would you let them into your country? Ni tori olorun while prayers are going on! So much religion in Nigeria, yet no God, nor fear of God. And they say its for what? To steal in Saudi and give God the glory in 9ja? Does God look like Awilo Logomba to you? Tf?! Are you a learner?
Here, boys of what age be grinding heaven and earth for what they don’t need. Scam life with all them bad English and crap, celebrate and call someone who was kind hearted enough to spare you $100 and call him maga/idiot/fool. Like really?!
Its corruption they said. Its eaten into the whole nation they said. We CAN’T do anything about it. They also said (Even Obj. One of the fathers of our whole misfortune). Who believes truths anymore here? Campaign speeches are just one well fed nixxa coming out to read out YOUR wish list to you and we go about grinning like you’re carrying orgasm machines within. Politicians and their exhaulted forms of fraud and shit. Jeez we get tired! Ok people be like “a few bad eggs don’t make the crate condemned.” but wait out of 36 eggs in a crate u cracked and found 31 bad would you still but the eggs from the same dealer?

What is your country known for? What does it stand for?
Back then (the olden days when things were all good and reality was in black and white like we see on TV) we’d ask little kids what they want to be and they’d be like “I want to be a doctor, engineer, PRESIDENT, etc… nowadays we have them saying. They want to be musicians and yahoo boys and all worth naught/not. Its saddening. Nobody wants to work but we want someone to blame our misfortunes on. We can blame our leaders all we want but remember once we had people like Dora (not the explorer) where in God’s middle earth is she now? If you were allowed into such positions what would you do differently? Nigeria is the most concentrated black race in the world today, statistics telling that worldwide, one out of every ten black people is a Nigerian (as at 2002) how much more now. Go to airports and check out departure lounges and see, not like they’re going to accept you in that place you’re tripping to with open arms and shit oh, but we still flock there. The better life. Makes one wonder what species of beings reside in those parts of the world. Are they not human beings like us? *sigh* king in my country slave in another which would I rather?
I still want to be president tho, big dreams. I believe that God isn’t gon help anyone who doesn’t want to help themselves and sad enough, being a Nigerian isn’t something I’m particularly proud of but I have enough dignity to know I can’t be 100% another nationality again, and well with enough faith to remember how God made Ezekiel raise dry bones. And well I’m trying not to sit back feeling sorry for myself/everyone else. Where we’re headed tho iono…
Bright kids, live here, grow up, get dulled, end up not living up their potentials, die. Story goes on. Very bright ones wud grow and well, get stolen by the UK’s and other places where they have genuine promises of better lives and become “Nigerian-born one-country-like-that something” it all goes on…

We. Don’t. Have. Another. Home. You can’t leave your house fucked up and want to hustle for someone else’s birthright. Your country starts with you. Your greatness starts with your attitude. Your determination determines the magnitude of your success. Now were rocking “odd-futures” I swear down if things don’t change we’d be left with no future. things are still manageable ryt? If you don’t change it one day we’d be telling kids how hard life is.


I came here cos well getting turned back from a pilgrimage (as per religion is the most sentimental element in this life) mehn I think that’s the height… Sorry to all them people tho.
Yy boys. One thing I believe about money, you can’t spend more than the amount of money God has set down for you. So when you really need the money, hope it’d still be there. Get money in a fast way, you’d lose it in a fast was.
Well, rounding off, I should say God bless 9ja and all that but really, the devil n nixxaz w plenty dicks are sodomizing the place. So oh well what-fucking-ever…

I hate politics btw. I just wanna be president. And well, for what its worth, Happy Independence…

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What’s Up…

I actually wrote this note some time last year and just came across it in my draft. Thought it was good. Sounded pretty good to me.
Errrr… *shrugs*

From my own perception, 95% of the time the line/sentence “what’s up” should be a rhetorical question. In my almost perfect world, I actually don’t expect answers when I ask people things like “how are you, wassup, how are you doing etc…” cos for all I could want to care about, except of your hiding something. I can see through anybody *pauses for applause* *thank you* Ok but more seriously, questions that have to do with present conditions aren’t usually things one should worry about when linking up with some other person, even if you’re not doing it for the sake of concern or formality, think that everybody you ever once asked “how are you” and they replied fine when they’re truly not, has technically lied. I.e. If Jesus were to come right that moment, chances that that person would make it to heaven can be calculated using the formula…
C= d(Pr(Ho)-1)/G
Where C= chances of making it.
Pr(Ho)= Original probability of heaven before answer.
G= God’s mood at time of judgment.
d= maybii’s constant.

Emmm… Pardon my french buh I just had to do it.

Ok, the real things I were thinking about were “Care, concern and caring”

I’ve been an introvert right from as long as I can remember, and my psychological condition didn’t really leave me much room for “petty talk” I usually preferred to answer than ask the questns first, cos most of the time I had right answers and they were usually conveniently short. But as time went by the people I would relate with changed and more often than not, not take over my position as the Answerer. Sometimes I really get to think there’s actually no point in calling somebody more than once every month, or sending texts, letters, emails etc (shout out to FB, God bless them for inventing pokes. I wish I could send them in real life). I leave home, and when ever I come back, my mum always says “Why didn’t you call when you were in school, what if something prolly happened at home?” and when I tell her I’d have known if something happened, she’d sigh and say, if you don’t learn to care about the people at home you won’t learn it anywhere else in anyone else. In reality the questions sound grossly awkward to me. Most especially when they’re about to be directed to family. And friends that’d call and tell me that they were sick or the likes and call back about 2,3 weeks later and tell me they’re better and add “guy you didn’t even bother to check on…” I get that thought; I wasn’t expecting you to be sick forever or down as the case may be, or should I have given my condolences just in case you died? Its funny and then for girls I play psychic with, that’s actually the fun part, buh ironically the saddest it gets cos they almost never understand, they want to change me… “Are you hungry? are you ok? Do you need what?” And the likes. We’ve been hanging around for more than 4hrs, you’re definitely hungry, I see you, I can feel your body heat, you’re not bleeding, you don’t look awry and a host of ok vitals. You’re definitely ok, I can see your brows, they’re not closer than they should be, your eyes look normal. You’re not thinking of anything important, or that I should know of. And if I’d seen you making fists, folding your arms, or sitting on your hands or shivering, and my nerves feel the cold. I’d get you a blanket or something to reduce the cold. If I had asked before I did any of the above, what difference would it make? I could laugh at funerals, cos honestly there’s honestly nothing to cry about, everything that goes up should come down except if you’ve got a rocket pack around it, or fall into the 1% status, you teach faith every now and later but still want me to call you up when you’re sick, for what? To confirm that you’re not dead? Or you’re still sick? How would I know you’re excited if when I call you is just when you were about to break the news?
There are different kinds of people on earth, and in my environs I happen to be a very different kind of different kinds of people. I have friends that often we wonder how we manage with ourselves buh one way or the other we happen to be the best pairs around, I have friends that I’d stay for hours with and not say one word, and they think its perfectly normal. I stay at home locked behind my room’s door for more than 17hours sometimes, nobody complains. Its my nature. Its how I’m hard wired to be. As much as I love answering questions I’d have to state that there are some that aren’t worth asking…
My best friend/quarter brother’s mum was admitted in a hospital, they said she prolly had a stroke (buh I know she didn’t she had a build up of pressure in her head) and she was in a coma for about 2weeks. He told me once. And till today I never asked him, his elder brother or his sister, all in my bbm contact list at least, about their mum. I told him what was wrong with his mum, and how they should take care of it (drill a hole in her head to relieve the pressure) and I told him she’d be ok. Although I pretty much hope his mum is ok, I sometimes can’t shake off that feeling. If I were around I’d be of better use, to his mum that I should have “issues” with and inaverdently to him, I hate to remind people of predicaments, buh almost cried the day when I heard him add it to his prayers… I was in a dilemma till he told me his mum was ok.
I still don’t know how to feel, and if I’m not caring, one thing I know I’m not any good at is offering apologies. If I’m right 99% of the time, I prolly shouldn’t worry about one. Now my girlfriend is sick. I had a 30mins debate with myself before I called her today… But I still like myself the way I am and hope I don’t have anything I’d need to change anytime soon…
*sighs, drops pen*

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“Maybii the Explorer…” *shrugs*

Ok. So its been forever. Almost literally… I had to dust off the cobwebs from this blog. But oh well! Virtual biro has nack virtual paper yet again… And this time I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.
Ok. Cos I’m all about real things and finding out how they work and stuff. I took 17 seconds to meditate and I decided within myself.
Yeah one that’d carry me to their side just lemme see how the place is and stuff… I saw a picture once and it really looked pretty real to me at least…

It pretty much took away all the fairy tale-ism that I surrounded surreal marine life with. But looking on the brighter side who knows I might just learn another physics lessons about floatation and probably biology about breathing without gills… (I actually had a thought that you could breathe with your lungs under water following the same process air takes without coming to any harm… And I also had it confirmed when I found out people that drown die from hypothermia rather than oxygen deficiency… But that’s one of another day. Evolution rocks!) So well, if you know any mammy water chick, send her to this blog let’s set p. Plus all the stories I hear about them sef, with all their chicks being so unrealistically beautiful with long hair, and their streets made of pearls and the songs they sing (I remember little mermaid: the cartoon, the song Vanessa, the red haired chick, sang when she lost her voice hasn’t left my head since I was 4!) and to find out if they’re really that bad that people on earth avoid them. Or if the way we think of them is how they think of us. If they really exist tho… *Walter Bishop’s voice* I have a theory. It has to do with planes of existence, alternate realities and differing frequencies of vibration of physical existence. Although I have a theory. It prolly is going to die a theory… But well before we start the exploration sha my mammy water chick must fill out my terms and conditions oh…
I must come back unharmed……1
I must come back unharmed…..2
I must remember everything…3
I must have a normal world calender and wristwatch. Lest what happens to odyssey befalls me…4

At least I’m still a child of God. Any breach of contract will be punished severely by the :Holy Spirit not like she can even carry me sef if I don’t gree…. But if in three years nobody’s beard from me. You guys don’t stress. Its not kidnappers. I’ve prolly become the king of the coast and If I ever returned I shall do so with tales to keep you enthralled for a lifetime…
*closing soundtrack: ultimate search theme song, or batman of the future theme song anyone I couldn’t quite choose…*

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A Conversation Between Two Cars

Murcielago: hi there I’m a 2013 Lamborghini Murcielago.

Bug: cool. I’m a Italian ’78 bug.

Murcielago: hey did you know that I have a 5.0L engine with 18cylinders?

Bug: no…

Murcielago: that’s cool. I also have a zero CO2 emission. I’m actually a tri-hybrid. I can run on water, electricity and normal petrol.

Bug: uh…

Murcielago: in 2012 July I won the award for the safest car on the road. I have 8airbags. And an automatic speed control circuit. And also a relatively shock absorbing and compressible engine made from a super secret alloy. Inside I am as comfortable as a bedroom. I’ve got a fully automated internal control to millimetres perfect delight of my driver and his passenger. Yeah I’m a two seater. I’ve got a semi automatic transmission system. With an autopilot option. With infrared sensors around my personal space even when driving, it warns the driver on coming vehicles and their approaching speeds. I can go from 0-60 in just over 2.5secs. I am also the fastest car available today. And I’m also aeronautically structured that I technically slice thru the wind. No air resistance. My coefficient of friction with the asphalt in the road is less than 0.01 and I use electromagnetic brakes that can bring me from 100-0 in just under 4secs. my top speed is about 500mph, I’m not really sure cos my torometer was not at the maximum when I did 500. So I guess I can go faster. And I’ve also got a zero engine noise production, and 15,000 watts bleeding internal speakers, I’ve got a keyless entr…

Bug: hey watch out!

(bird poop drops)

Murcielago: fuck!!! My leather drop top!

Bug: So you don’t come with an anti bird poop? that’s sad… Hey!!! Looook!!!!!!!

Murcielago: what?

(garbage truck runs into Lambo, eventually falls on it)

Murcielago: *groans* uhhhh… *sobs* help bug please! Call my owner his number is…

Bug: *rolls towards lambo* hey you’re not accident proof?

Murcielago: no…

Bugs: you’re not theft proof are you?

Murcielago: no… What’s all the questions about?

Bug: I thought with all the hi tech stuff you’d be a bit invulnerable… U know. But don’t get off so quickly, do you have triangular wheels?

M: no…

B: can you fly?

M: no

B: travel to the future?

M: no

B: Fry dodo?

M: no

B: drive upside down?

M: no

B: become invisibe?

M: no…

B: can people tell what car you are merely hearing you approach?

M: no

B: how much do you cost plus accessories?

M: a couple million dollars… What?

B: how much would it cost to rehab you?

M: a close to a Mil. I think… Or a couple mil

B: do people float when they stay inside you? As in zero gravity interior?

M: no! Would you help me or what?

B: hey! Chill… You’ve got an engine. I do. You’ve got an interior. I do. You can’t wipe off bird shit. I can’t. You’ve got round wheels. and I do too… Wait are you? Chill…

M: huh?

B: *scratches match*

M: yyyyou’re not gonna do that are you?

B: *tosses match* Don’t worry I’m just confirmng you’re Not fire proof…

You’re not accident proof, not fire proof, can’t travel to the future or past, can’t fly, can’t speak Chinese, can’t make a cup of coffee, can’t pass through okadas, you’re not even bird shit proof. So what makes you better than me? *scoffs*
You’ve got a GPS tracker right?

M: yes…

B: when you get to heaven please don’t forget to send the coordinates. Bitch. I thought you were never gonna shut up.

(explosion) *curtains fall*

As usual no moral lesson.

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The prospects of heaven is one that I’d prolly come to demystifying one day. I’m writin from two different perspectives. Both prolly right, one prolly wrong.

One one hand we look at things, life generally, from a literal aspect, like; “in the begining God created heaven and earth…” and blah blah blah. We have pages from the our holy books that talk about heaven, or the kingdom of God, and describes it without any logical detail. So we the hopers in the kingdom paint a perect picture for ourselves.
Take a little kid for example, or maybe take your mind back to when we were kids, 99% of us were brought up on being rewarded according to how good ir otherwise we are. Eg. Be a good boy this year and Santa would visit you at Christmas (that’s d only one u can think of now and I grew up in Nigeria so that didn’t really apply…) well same concept applies to general living.

There’s d good and there’s d bad. We do the best we can to encourage good and hope it stays long, and for the bad we discourage and punish if necessary. We don’t know what things were like, say 1000 years ago, but were sure things change. The things that were bad then, may not b so bad now…

Heaven as we’d describe it is where all good people go to… I thought for sometime, and I made some sense of it. Heaven’s more emotional/Pschological than Spiritual

If we are hurt by people that we have no real direct relationship with, its easy to forget… We’ll yell at each other, scream and fight if it comes to it. That is the rawest form of forgiving and forgetting. At worst we’d never see each other again.

“The closer we are, the more painfull the betrayal” This is my classic justification for the need for a heaven. Someone you love hurts u (real bad! Only one eg. Came to my head sha and I’m not stating it) and even after you forgive you always feel that little dagger somewhere in your chest when you think of it or see your offender. I forgive you so I can’t hurt you, so I just keep hoping something better would happen to me, or something not so good to you and that you’d feel the way you made me feel once… But Karma’s a bitch, some people get away… Sometimes in our faces! Even worse, somethings are simply unforgivable, to the extent that we pray for strenght to stand the rain… And believe that oneday, they’d call out from somewhere and ask us to drop water for them… Hehehe!
We want to know its true, that you can’t do something bad and get away with it… That there’s always justice in the long run, prolly even in death… Forgetting why we call life Life, and death Death. We can owe debts when we’re alive… If we die, we die.

The second part… *sigh* I’m sorta a 90% atheist… So u know, yeah. I know God is everywhere but there needs to be one special “where” that he stays. And when we die if we’re good that where we’d go. *round of applause* I want to go to heaven too… So I’d confirm if its true or not. And prolly leak d location (I’ll sneak my  to heaven and add location to my last tweet, sebi MTN is everywhere you go…)

Thinking critically, if heaven really exists, everything we do in earth is useless, Cos we’re born innocent, forced to become guilty so we can be used as examples to people who won’t learn anyway and the whole cycle repeats… I don’t like religion stuff, cos no mater how hard I pray, its like even God’s not helpin me have faith. I have a morally upright conscience, and I’ve accepted Jesus as my personal lord and saviour NUMEROUS times… I guess there’s nothing left to do than wait till I die. The Bible says at that time everything would be made clear, so if I go to hell… Sorry God, everyone’s here.

Hey! I’m not not saying there’s no heaven ☺! Or that its just hell… My stories don’t involve me giving/stating the moral lesson, this is not tales by moon light. Buh if I can change the way we think, we can get to understand that we are the way we are Cos our “elders” made our minds this way… And we would be elders, time, not too long from now, with our nows shaping the way we’d be remembered.
Think for yourselves, 99% of the time 1+1=2. It doesn’t mean it always is.

Disclaimer: I am just an ordinary random thinker… God gave us brains so we don’t disturb him too much, n I’m kinda using mine. For no reason I REPEAT NO REASON should anybody show my mum this blog… Are even let her smell it. Thanks for reading. Godbless!

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